Looking for a place to stay? Check out these resources:

All of the schools listed on this site have dormitories. You should contact them directly BEFORE you come to Israel to get a place in one of their dorms.

Room with a Family & or a Studio Apartment
Most of the schools have listings of families in the neighborhood who rent out rooms in their apartments or who rent out studio apartments (called "machsans "). Ask your school for their list.

In addition, make sure to also check out the school's bulletin board. It's another valuable source of information of where to find a place to live.

Heritage House
The Heritage House is a free youth hostel in the Old City of Jerusalem. Stay as long as you like, but you have to be out of the hostel from 9:00 am � 5:00 pm every day (except Shabbat).

They don�t take reservations. To get a spot, show up between 5:00 pm and 12 midnight (or just before then) Sunday � Thursday night.

Added bonus: the Heritage House provides free Internet access.

There are 2 Heritage Houses in the Old City � one is for guys and one is for girls.

Women's Hostel
7 HaMalach Street
Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem
(02) 627-2822
[email protected]

Men's Hostel
2 Ohr Hachaim Street
Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem
(02) 627-2224
[email protected]

This is the Web site for apartment rentals in Jerusalem. Multiple listings are added every day, so you should check back often. You can search existing listings or post what you're looking for.
No where near as many postings as Craigslist in America, this site does have a number of apartment listings and is worth checking out if the aforementioned listings haven't worked out.