Studying in America

What if I can�t study in Israel?

If you�re unable to study in Israel but still want to be able to learn with incredible teachers, check out these programs which are located in America:

  • Gateways (New York & New Jersey): Gateways offers fantastic weekends in New York and in New Jersey. Great teachers, great locations, and great food!
  • Heritage Retreats (Santa Barbara, CA): Heritage Retreats offers excellent week-long getaways in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. You will eat the yummiest food, learn from the most incredible teachers, and be surrounded by natural beauty. Plus, it�s free!
  • Moodus (Upstate New York): Sinai Retreats, otherwise lovingly called Moodus after the town it used to be located in (i.e. Moodus, Connecticut), is an incredible 10-day vacation (summers only) in Upstate New York. You will eat the yummiest food, learn from the most incredible teachers, and be surrounded by natural beauty. Plus, there are fantastic scholarships available.
  • Metro Trip (New York, NY): "The adventure of a lifetime where Jewish university students from around the country come together on 10 day trips to tour New York City, shmooze with industry business leaders, and explore the beauty and relevance of their heritage in today�s world - all for just $199 (all meals and accommodations provided)!" � from their marketing materials
  • Maimonides Fellowship "The goal of the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship is to empower Jewish university students with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of their rich heritage.... Designed to accommodate the busy university schedule, classes are held one evening a week.... A generous stipend is provided...." � from their Web site
  • Jam "Jam's mission is to inspire young college students to love their heritage, find a group of like minded peers in their college and connect them to Jewish knowledge, community and Israel... Jam is an on campus club founded in 1996... To date Jam clubs exist at USC, UCLA, UCSD, CSUN, and UCSB. In addition Jam attracts students from dozens of surrounding colleges." � from their Web site
  • Na'aleh (online): Want to study Torah regularly wherever you are? Na'aleh Online Torah School offers weekly Torah video courses on Jewish Philosophy, Bible, Jewish Law and more! Our in-depth classes are delivered by some of the most well-known Torah educators in Israel, such as Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller, Mrs. Shira Smiles, Rabbi Hanoch Teller, and Rabbi Avishai David. Watch the classes from your computer while interacting with other students from all over the world, or download the class to your iPod or mp3 player and enjoy your classes while on the go!

How can I find a program close to my area?

Please contact us and we will connect you with a program in your local area.