ATMs & Banks

Where can I find an ATM machine that will take my ATM card?

In Israel, most ATM machines will accept foreign ATM cards. You just have to find the right bank for your card by trial and error. (For example, my ATM card will work in 2 of the major Israeli banks' ATM machines but not in 1 of them.)

Will my bank charge me a fee to use these ATM machines?

You need to check with your home bank to see if they charge you a fee. Some Americans get charged $5/transaction. Others don't get charged at all. It depends on your bank and on what type of bank account you have.

What is the current Israeli NIS (Shekel) to American $Dollar exchange rate?

Click here to find the current exchange rate between the Israeli NIS (shekel) and the American $dollar.

Can I open an Israeli Bank Account?

No. Only Israeli citizens can open an Israeli bank account.

Should I call my American bank before I go to Israel?

Yes, absolutely. Otherwise, your bank may shut off your ATM card because they'll think the charges are fraudulent.

Plus, this is a good time to ask what your bank will charge you for foreign ATM transactions. One student told us that her bank told her to take out money in bulk, i.e. to take out enough cash for 2 weeks. Then, she's only getting charged once for that money.