Buses & Taxis

How can I find a map of the buses in Jerusalem?

Click here for a Jerusalem bus map.

NOTE: Unlike American cities like New York where you can get printed bus maps on the buses themselves or at subway stops, there are no printed bus maps anywhere in Jerusalem.

How much does a bus ride in Jerusalem cost?

Photo is of a 10-ride bus pass
called a "cartesia regeela."
  • 5.5 NIS: 1 way bus ride in Jerusalem.
  • 6.3 NIS: Bus transfer (2 different bus rides within 1 hour) in Jerusalem.
  • 44 NIS: Bus pass of 10 rides. This is a savings of 11 shekels, so if you plan to take the bus often, it's a good deal. Ask the bus driver for a "cartesia regeela" .

How can I contact the bus company in Jerusalem?

The bus company in Israel is called Egged. To find bus times and route information, click here. The phone number for Egged in Jerusalem is (02) 530-4704.

Which kind of taxis should I take?

You should only take cabs that have a sign in the passenger-side window. (All of the schools will tell you this, too.) This sign means that the cab driver is connected with a cab company and therefore is not a gypsy cab.

However, even so, you should still take precaution and use your senses when entering a cab. Try always to take a cab with a friend. And if you're alone, sit in the back seat (not in the front seat).

How do I hail a cab?

To hail a cab, stand at the curb and point your index finger out into the street and down to the ground.

Why this works we don't know, but it does seem to be the way to hail a cab in Israel.

How much does a cab cost?

Cab drivers will charge you by 1 of 2 methods:

  1. "Monet," which is the Hebrew word for "meter", or
  2. Price quoted by the driver.

Before you enter the cab, you should have the cab driver roll down the passenger side window. Tell him where you're going, and ask him how much it will cost to go there. He'll either quote you a price or he'll say "monet." You can decide if you want to do it. (You can also bargain with him.) If don't get a price you like, let him go and get a different cab.

Should I bargain with the cab driver?

Yes, in Israel, you should always bargain with the cab driver. No matter what price the cab driver quotes you, always offer 5 NIS (shekels) less. 99% of the time they'll agree to your price, and you've just saved yourself 5 NIS.

Do I tip cab drivers?

No, in Israel, you don't tip cab drivers.

In Israel, can I walk across the street when it�s a red light?

Israel is no California when it comes to jaywalking. That�s to say that pedestrians definitely DO NOT have the right of way. So, be cautious if you decide to do this. Plus, in Israel, you can get a ticket if you walk in the cross walk when it�s a red light.

A word to the wise � cross in the crosswalk when you see the �little green man� (see the picture).

The "Green Man": You can cross the street.