Arriving in Israel

How can I get Israeli currency at the airport?

At the airport you can either get Israeli currency (called shekels and written NIS which stands for New Israeli Shekel) from:

  1. A currency exchange place (which take traveler's checks or American dollars), or
  2. An ATM machine from one of the Israeli banks (which takes your American ATM card and give you shekels).

How do I get to Jerusalem from the airport?

Sherut (shared taxi)
The best and most cost effective way to get to Jerusalem from the airport is to take a "sherut," which is a shared taxi. Nesher is the name of the company who offers this service. They run sherut services 24-hours a day.

Once you've picked up your bags and exit the airport, you'll see the sheruts right in front. They are large yellow vans. If you aren't sure where to find them, just ask anyone – everyone knows what they are.

The sherut costs 45 NIS (shekels) or $11. They take American dollars or Israeli shekels.

Private Taxi
You can also take a private taxi, which is much more expensive. It will cost between 150 – 200 NIS.